California artist Deborah Day is an accomplished horsewoman, nature enthusiast, passionate painter and registered nurse. She has combined these interests to create a multifaceted career. Artistically, much of her inspiration comes from outside her back door where the Rockin’ D Ranch is home to about 20 horses and various other animals. It’s a place where horses get trained, people learn to ride and the hub of activity provides reference for many of her paintings. She has a deep, lifelong love for horses and they are frequently depicted in her work. Other animals, mostly of the domestic sort, find place in sharing her life in and out of the studio as well.

Deborah feeds her spirit for adventure by exploring the West. She regularly travels between California and Wyoming where light, color and wide open spaces are her welcomed companions. Her curiosity about the world and different cultures has led to a number of international trips and she is hoping to live a very long life as there is so much to paint about!

In the hospital setting Deborah has worked to establish therapeutic art opportunities for patients through securing grant funds and has collaborated to create works of art for the hospital. She believes creative expression is a part of healing and all benefit from a more colorful environment. She appreciates the balance between working with people and the solitude of time in the studio.

Deborah has degrees in Art, Animal Science, and Nursing. She actively participates in local and national art shows and has solo exhibitions every few years. She has numerous awards for her work and uses some of her art to raise funds for humanitarian and conservation causes. She is published in “Of Women and Horses” by GaWaNi Pony Boy and is represented by the Square I Gallery in Claremont, California.