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Mara Sunset

48″ x 60″

Oil on canvas



The “Mara Sunset” painting was inspired by my experience in 2011 while I visited my dear friends, Sue and Doug Brown, who pastor the Vineyard Church in Kenya.  The idea of an African safari has always had a great appeal to me.  After a lifetime of imagining myself in such an adventure and three years of saving for it, I was able to realize my dream. The very long and bumpy road to the Maasai Mara was not in my imaginings, but it did set the stage for a dramatic contrast in experiences.  We arrived at nearly sundown just in time for a short tour of the park before it closed.  The vast expanse of land was bounding with life under a canopy of the most amazing sky.  For me it was a divine experience.  This painting is the result of my effort to capture that experience.  It is the first of my “Africa” paintings.  The original is 48”x60”, a gift for the Browns.  Prints of the painting have been made to raise support for them and for the missionary and economic projects in communities of Kenya.  All profits will go to help the following projects.

Doug is developing the Vineyard School of Ministry Africa, providing theological education for pastors and leaders. VSM Africa is an accredited program equipping leaders to proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom of God for the transformation of our churches, communities and the world. Visit

Also in development;  the Vineyard Economic Empowerment initiative which is training participants in business practices and providing loans to enable people to  build a future in the marketplace.

Sue spends much of her time training and mentoring others in financial accounting and bookkeeping. She is currently working with the Treasurer of AVC Kenya, as well as other organizations that minister to the poor and needy.